Kathrine, 27 years old.

Four years ago I was in a relationship with a guy for 2 years but without sexual intercourse. We tried many times, but I couldn’t. The reason was that I had pain during penetration. With my second boyfriend, I was still feeling the same. When we broke up, I decided to speak to a therapist. After several searches, I found Mrs Evie. During our sessions, she made me feel comfortable and she reassured me that my issue can be treated. The pain during penetration wasn’t any health issue, but it was coming from a traumatic experience which I had when I was a little girl. This traumatic experience was making my body to shut down with sexual touch. In the last seven months, with lots of exercises, I saw a big difference. Mrs Evie made me learn to love my body and to have confidence. After all these months, I succeeded to have sex with my new boyfriend. And now the feeling is NOT pain, but instead it is satisfaction.