Couple with Premature Ejaculation

Dimitris and Vaso42 and 38 years old
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Her problem was premature ejaculation, which my husband has had since the beginning of our relationship (22 years now). Lately, however, he has also been experiencing erectile dysfunction, which has created a big problem for both him and our relationship.

We even reached the point of discussing divorce, even though our relationship was good. Evie was the third specialist we visited over the years. Our previous attempts ended after 1-2 sessions because we simply didn't trust the experts.

We were very cautious, and to be honest, I didn't think our problem could be solved. But from the first session, I felt that if there was a solution, Evie and I reach it.

She immediately earned our trust; we didn't feel uncomfortable at all. She was discreet and very understanding. I won't say we didn't get tired of the whole process, but the result was very satisfying.

Not only were my husband's problems resolved, but our relationship also improved. We became emotionally closer. I truly believe it was worth all the effort, and I regret the time we wasted before seeking help.


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