Couple with Erectile Dysfunction

George & Katerinaboth 30 years old
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It all started when I met my partner, whom I longed for. From our first sexual encounter, I couldn't get an erection, which made us both very anxious, leading to subsequent failures.

But because we loved each other so much, we faced it together. First, we ruled out organic causes with appropriate medical tests and then sought help from Evie.

Although cautious at first, Evie immediately won us over. From our very first meeting, our psychological burden lightened.

With proper advice and exercises that we both thoroughly enjoyed, I regained my erection as the stress and frustration began to fade away, replaced by heightened emotional and sexual drive in both of us.

With Evie's help, whom we both thank from the bottom of our hearts, we learned to manage our stress, became even more emotionally connected, and now enjoy a richer and more meaningful sex life!


Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Learn how to manage it and how you can help yourself through a series of video tutorials.

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