The ESSM Manual of Sexual Medicine


Reisman Y, Porst H, Lowenstein L, Tripodi F, Kirana P. Asterdam: Medix, 2012

The book is aimed at medical professionals specializing in sexual medicine. It emphasizes the biological parameters of sexual dysfunctions and covers the most important ailments of the specialty.

The ESSM Manual of Sexual Medicine, 1st edition 2013, 2nd edition 2015, and the 3rd edition is expected in 2025. In this book Evie Kyrana is a member of the editorial team. This is a multi-authored book with the participation of the most important scientists of sexual medicine internationally.

This book constitutes the basic examination material for the awarding of the title European Fellow in Sexual Medicine.

The ESSM Manual of Sexual MedicineLanguage: English
Pages: 1223
Editions: Medix Publishers BV, Amsterdam, 2015


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