Man sexual problem

Women’s low sexual desire

What is the most common sexual problem of women?

Recent epidemiological studies in Europe and America argue that the low sexual desire is the most common sexual problem that women report, since one out of ten are experiencing this problem.

Women often describe a significant decrease in sexual desire, which causes discomfort and negative effect on the relationship with their partner. It is not a trivial problem, because there are often adverse effects on quality of life not only for the woman but also her partner, and is often accompanied by the appearance of psychological problems and disorders in the couple’s relationship, which in some cases is significant.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine in a recent publication stresses that it is a health problem that deserves greater attention from health professionals.

How should women who experience sexual problems react? Although sexual problems occur more often in women than in men (eg pain or inability to have intercourse, orgasm difficulties), unfortunately women are reluctant to seek help from specialists.

But in recent decades, there has been much progress by the international scientific community in the development of effective therapeutic strategies and women are encouraged to seek help for their sexual health when they wish to.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine states that every woman, regardless of age, is entitled:

– To enjoy sexual health, intimacy and pleasure.

– To discuss with health professionals concerns about sexual health and of course to receive treatment.

– To select the type of treatment she will receive after discussing with a health professional.


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