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What do men think about rapid ejaculation

Have you ever wondered what crosses the minds of men who ejaculate quickly during sex? Many assume that these men are solely focused on their own pleasure, disregarding their partner’s satisfaction. However, a study comparing men with rapid ejaculation to those without this issue paints a different picture (Hartmann, 2005).

Men experiencing rapid ejaculation often concentrate on controlling their ejaculation to avoid potential failure, maintaining their erection, and ensuring their partner’s satisfaction. Conversely, men without this problem tend to focus on thoughts that enhance arousal and pleasure.

The fear of failure and concerns about satisfaction not only diminish pleasure but also perpetuate or exacerbate the issue of premature ejaculation.

But how do women perceive this issue? In couples where the man reports ejaculating quickly, only 45% of women acknowledge a problem. Moreover, while 30% of men claim rapid ejaculation deeply dissatisfies their partners, when these women were asked, only half expressed dissatisfaction (Shindel, 2008). Even in cases where women reported satisfaction with intercourse, men still believed rapid ejaculation strained the couple’s closeness (Revicki, 2008).

It appears that men often overestimate women’s discomfort, potentially heightening their anxiety. In such cases, it’s crucial to:

  • Foster open communication between partners about the issue.
  • Explore sexual practices beyond penetration alone.
  • Seek treatment from specialists, especially since 70% of women in such cases also experience some form of sexual dysfunction.


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Revicki D, Howard K, Hanlon J et al. (2008) Characterizing the burden of premature ejaculation from a patient and partner perspective: a multi-country qualitative analysis. Health Qual Life Outcomes 6:33.


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