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Use of Sex toys by Women and Men

Why Do Women Use Vibrators During Sex?

The use of vibrators by women has not been extensively studied. A study of a representative sample of the US population showed that most men and women have a positive view of female vibrator use. In fact, women who had positive perceptions had better sexual function compared to those who had negative perceptions.

In addition to using a vibrator during masturbation, many women like to use it during sexual intercourse. A related study of 2,000 women from the US, aged 18-60, showed that quite often heterosexual and homosexual women use a vibrator when having sex with their partner.

These women had satisfactory sexual function and were generally happy with their sex lives. In heterosexual couples, women’s satisfaction was associated with the man’s desire to use a vibrator.

Why Do Men Use Vibrators?

A study (Reece, 2010) conducted on a representative sample of the US population showed that 44% of men had used a vibrator at some point in their lives. Most heterosexual men who said they had used a vibrator in the past had done so during sexual activity with their partner. The use of the vibrator was either during foreplay or during penetration. Also, the men who said they used a vibrator during sex did not have any sexual dysfunction.

The above data show that in both men and women, the use of vibrators during intercourse is not related to the existence of any dysfunction but is related to pleasure. However, we must not forget that pleasure is subjective for each person and the choice to use vibrators or not depends on the personal wishes and needs of each person.


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