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Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction: Which Men are More Likely to Experience It?

Which men are more prone to experiencing psychogenic erectile dysfunction? In one study, researchers aimed to discern the differences between men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction and those with normal sexual function. They discovered that men with erectile dysfunction harbored strong beliefs that increased the likelihood of encountering the issue. Specifically: They held the belief that a “masculine” man should always maintain an erection, regardless of circumstances, always be sexually aroused, consistently satisfy their partner, and sustain an erection for as long as their partner desires. They subscribed to beliefs about their partner, such as the necessity of an erection for the woman’s pleasure, the questioning of the man’s masculinity in the event of erection loss, the inability to satisfy a woman without penile penetration, and the perception of failure if the woman is unsatisfied.

How do these beliefs influence sexual function?

Every man may, at some point, experience an insufficient erection for completing sexual intercourse. While some men overcome this issue without recurrence, others find it persistently troubling, even in the absence of organic causes. The aforementioned beliefs perpetuate the problem by directing men’s focus towards performance rather than pleasure and sexual stimulation. Unrealistic expectations regarding sexual function induce stress during intercourse, thereby inhibiting sexual function. For those experiencing persistent issues, seeking psychosexual treatment from specialized professionals can typically lead to a restoration of a satisfying sex life within a period typically not exceeding three months.

Reference: Nobre PJ, Pinto-Gouveia J (2006) Dysfunctional sexual beliefs as vulnerability factors to sexual dysfunction. J Sex Res 43:68-75.


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