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Is clitoral size and location related to orgasm?

Does the size of the clitoris play a role in female orgasm?

Until today we were not used to talk about the role of the size of the clitoris, but the role of the penis size. A relative study (2014) was designed to investigate whether the size and position of the clitoris plays a role in female orgasm.

The study was based on the evaluation of 30 women with a mean age of 30 years. The data showed that women with orgasm problems had a smaller clitoral size, and that these women had a greater distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening.

By contrast, women who could have orgasm had a bigger clitoris and less distance from the vaginal opening. The results of this new study are consistent with those of previous ones arguing that the clitoris plays a central role in achieving orgasm.

How crucial are these anatomical features for orgasm?

The above study shows that these anatomical features may play a role in achieving orgasm, but certainly these are not the only factors.

The literature to date on female sexual function consistently argues that it is the result of many factors, biological, anatomical, psychological factor and palso factors that have to do with the relationship of the woman.

For example, the ability of the woman to keep her attention focused on sexual stimuli, to feel comfortable with her body, knowing what pleases her, but also to feel emotional intimacy with her partner, are only some of the factors that have been associated with female orgasm.

In addition, some studies suggest that the most pleasurable sexual experiences for women are those in which they feel connected with someone and not solely those with orgasm.

Also, 85% of women report difficulties achieving orgasm also report high levels of sexual satisfaction.

Oakley SH, Vaccaro CM, Crisp CC et al. (2014) Clitoral size and location in relation to sexual function using pelvic MRI. J Sex Med 11: 1013-1022.


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