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How much do genders differ in issues of sexuality

Are men that different to women, so that we could support that men are from Mars and women from Venus? It is a common belief that sexuality differs considerably between genders.

Recently there was an analysis of 730 relevant studies so that we can better understand the existing data. The results showed that both genders have small differences between them and several similarities in their views on various issues of sexulaity and sexual behavior.

Furthermore, in subsequent studies the differences between the sexes were smaller than those reported in earlier studies. It appears, that is, that the differences between the sexes is smaller than thought until now.

What specific differences were found?

In most sexual practices genders did not differ between them, eg the frequencies of oral sex. Differences were observed only in the rate of masturbation. For example, in the younger age groups, masturbation was lower in females (43%) than in men (62%). However, both genders shared common views on the issue of masturbation.

Another major difference was in the use of pornography, with men reporting significantly more use than women. Regarding the number of sexual partners, men reported higher numbers than women, but the difference was moderate.

With regard to the views of both genders about casual sex, men were more positive than women, but this difference was lower in newer studies. It appears, that is, that men are different from women, but these differences are small and tend to decline over the years.

Petersen JL, Hyde JS (2010) A meta-analytic review of research on gender differences in sexuality, 1993-2007. Psychol Bull 136: 21-38.


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