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How does age influence sex?

Do older people have sex?

As the age expectancy increases, issues on the sexuality of the elderly are attracting more scientific interest.

Important findings were revealed from study that followed the life sexual 1.0317 men and women from the time of puberty and up to 67 years.

According to the results, 64.2% of adults (63-67 years) have sex with a frequency ranging from once a month or less to once a day. While half reported that they were facing difficulties in maintaining their sexual activity, only 8% reported not receiving satisfaction from their sexual life. It seems that even when there are problems in sexual function, sexual satisfaction does not cease, but instead it remains high.

What factors are related to the sexual satisfaction of the elderly?

Many factors seem to determine sexual satisfaction after 60years. The poor health of the partner, diabetes and fatigue symptoms were associated with significantly lower sexual satisfaction.

In general, men, compared to women, were more likely to remain satisfied, especially those who were happy with their relationship.

Moreover, it appeared that the health state (diabetes, cancer, depression) was associated more with the maintenance of the sexual function of the elderly, whereas factors relating to the relationship correlated with sexual satisfaction.

From this study it appears that for many elderly, thier sex life remains important and several factors affect this. Today, that developments in sexual medicine are rapid, it is important that the elderly seek help in order to treat their sexual difficulties.

Syme ML, Klonoff EA, Macera CA et al. (2013) Predicting sexual decline and dissatisfaction among older adults: the role of partnered and individual physical and mental health factors. J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci 68: 323-332.


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