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“Aphrodisiac” Diet for Men

Does Diet Affect Erectile Function?

Researchers have been interested in whether diet affects erectile function in recent decades. A recent review (Esposito, 2010) concluded that men with a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grain products, and fish, but poor in red meat and processed foods, have a significantly lower likelihood of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Today, there is ample scientific data supporting the beneficial effect of the Mediterranean diet, not only on general health but also on sexual health. In fact, evidence suggests that the Mediterranean diet benefits not only the sexual health of men but also that of women.

It’s clear that obesity is associated with a significantly higher probability of erectile dysfunction. However, when an obese man with erectile dysfunction improves his eating habits by adopting the Mediterranean diet, he can expect an improvement in erectile function. Clinical studies have shown that adopting a Mediterranean diet reduces erectile dysfunction and improves the quality of erections in obese men.

The question remains: Is a healthy diet enough to maintain sexual health?

Studies indicate that the Mediterranean diet has a positive effect on erectile function, but the positive effects are greater when both the quality and quantity of the diet are considered. Combining a Mediterranean diet with calorie restriction has the most beneficial effects on erectile function. Furthermore, when combined with exercise, these dietary habits can lead to additional improvements in erectile function.


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