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Achieving vaginal orgasms

How are the most intense orgasms achieved?

Recently, the experience of orgasm of 500 women was described. The researchers found that the more intense orgasms did not differ from the less intense ones as to how they were created. That is, orgasms that were achieved from the stimulation of the external genital organs did not create more or less pleasure than the orgasms achieved with vaginal penetration. However, women who described most intense orgasms had evaluate their relationship with their partner more positively. The quality of the relationship, therefore, affects the orgasmic pleasure.

Furthermore, women whose orgasm was described as high in pleasure felt that sense coming from the whole body, which was not reported by women with moderate or low pleasure orgasms.

But which is the most important factor leading to vaginal orgasm?

A relative study in 1,000 women wanted to distinguishe factors associated with achieving vaginal orgasm. Of all the factors studied, the focus of attention on the senses of the vagina during penetration was the factor with the strongest relationship to vaginal orgasm. This result is consistent with other studies that support the central role of attention for female arousal. However, we know now that when the woman is occupied by anxiety to reach orgasm, she becomes distracted away from her senses, making it difficult for her to climax.

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Brody S, Weiss P (2010) Vaginal orgasm is associated with vaginal (not clitoral) sex education, focusing mental attention on vaginal sensations, intercourse duration, and a preference for a longer penis. J Sex Med 7: 2774-2781.


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